Saturday, February 21, 2009

lambic & winter berries

A short post today. A hello again really. Work has consumed my life the past few weeks as well as finishing a project for a friend. But I'm going to blog more. I missed it.

This afternoon, I ran into Whole Foods to grab some lemons & lambic. I spotted a large display of strawberries with a LOCAL sign beside them. It stopped me in my tracks. Local, North Carolina-grown strawberries in February?! The sign actually called them winter berries and said they were produced by solar power... Does anyone know what that really means? They tasted good. But not plump, juicy red strawberries that come in season in late spring, early summer.

My friend, (neighbor & colleague) Critter & I enjoyed Lindeman's Raspberry Lambic alongside the strawberries. Normally we drink the Peach flavor, but Whole Foods only had Raspberry in stock. We weren't disappointed. I think we were hoping to catch spring's attention to move in, and dissipate this cold dry air into warm weather.

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Anonymous said...

critter bones! post the critter gmail split photo!