Saturday, March 21, 2009

I love toast

There I said it. I'm completely in love with toast. I like it with slices of cucumbers in the morning or with a bowl of hot soup in the evening. It's a comfort thing for me. I loved toast with cinnamon sugar or a slice of cheese growing up. 

I received a few locally grown tomatoes in my Papa Spuds box (more on that soon) earlier this week. I sliced one up over a piece of toast with a dash of salt, pepper & basil for breakfast. Simple yet delicious. But not as delicious as NC-bursting-with-flavor-tomatoes of late summer. I cant wait for that day to arrive.

A few other things I like with toast:
Peanut or Almond butter
Hummus & cucumbers
Goat cheese with tomato
Homemade strawberry jam

What do you like with toast?


mrlunch said...

I'm addicted to this wonderful Raw Honey that I get at the Portland Farmer's Market. I spread it on hot toast almost every morning and have it with my coffee. The honey is like sweet, sweet buttery candy that just explodes in your mouth! Good stuff.

Unknown said...

mmmmm! i love peanut butter on toast with a big cup of coffee. i miss the honey, butter biscuit from pine state :)

SomethingPlanned said...

I miss the Reggie Deluxe...