Sunday, March 1, 2009

The official vegetable of North Carolina

Who knew there was an official vegetable of North Carolina?

NC is also the largest producer of sweet potatoes. Beaureguard. Carolina Rose. Carolina Ruby. Cordner. Hernandez. Jewel. These are a few names of the many varieties of sweet potatoes grown here.

Sweet potatoes are showing up a lot of menus recently. They are a root vegetable full of carotene, vitamin C & B6. They are considered to be a great food for diabetics because they help to stabilize blood sugar. You can bake, roast, saute, puree, or grill them. Sweet potatoes are great in soups or a nice complement to dark greens. What a nice, nutritional alternative to the standard baked potato.


Unknown said...

Yummy, sweet potatoes are so good for you too. I like your blog and and especially all the receipes. I like your blog you did a nice job. Love ya, mama

please sir said...

Just saw you over at IndieNC - nice to meet a fellow blogger! I had no idea about the offical veggie of NC!

Ivan said...

I grew up eating them raw right out of the field. Then I heard that they may not be so good for you raw? Maybe I should do some research on that because I have not looked that up for myself's only been 15 years.