Sunday, June 28, 2009

Southern sweets

I spent the weekend at my parents' house in western North Carolina. My mom's side of the family was in town from Georgia–Athens, Duluth & Homerville (smallest town ever). I spent the weekend swimming in the lake with kids, making coffee, peeling cucumbers, sleeping on an air mattress with my 9-year-old cousin, and enjoying people I love, but never get to see. It reminded me of going to my grandaddy's house when I was young and he was still alive. He would make a low country boil or have a huge fish fry. I would load up my plate with fresh vegetables from the garden and eat around the meat. Pretty much like I still do today. 

I know this is a food blog, but I couldn't resist. Look at that sweet face. 

Speaking of sweet, I made a blueberry-peach crisp this afternoon. This is a special southern crisp with blueberries from the fields of Homerville, Georgia that my uncle picked with his own hands. I also used peaches, which are the official state fruit of Georgia, and a nickname of mine. My mom always makes cobblers, but I tend to like crisps more. 

Toss your fruit-of-choice (blueberries & peaches) into a pyrex dish, add the topping (cinnamon, brown sugar, nutmeg, rolled oats, flour, butter), bake for 30 minutes or so & voila! A delicious comforting treat that might remind you of childhood summers, chasing lightning bugs & sleeping under the stars. 

Delicious served over homemade ice cream or eaten for breakfast with coffee (like I'll be doing tomorrow).


erin said...

sounds like a perfect weekend. crisp for breakfast sounds great to me!

jasmine said...

oh my! that crisp looks absolutely delicious! and your weekend sounds dreamy. a perfect summer weekend. :)

Justin LaRosa said...


mrlunch said...

Your post inspired this:
Not as pretty as yours, but sooo delicious!