Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer bounty

The farmer's market has introduced me to new goodies this summer that I wanted to share. 

1. My apartment smelled of lavender for several days. It brought a smile to my face each morning when I walked into the kitchen. I bought a bunch for $2. 
2. I found a new vegetable called patty pan squash. I enjoyed it roasted with onions & mushrooms. 
3. I love fresh summer salads made with whatever vegetables I have that week (with lemon tahini or olive oil & vinegar dressings).
4. Cold bean salads pack a nice protein-rich punch. I make a big salad at the start of the week to enjoy for a quick, healthy lunch at work. 

Any new vegetables, herbs or fruits that you've had this summer season?


Anonymous said...

love your blog! :)


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Love bean salads! There is a great bean guy here in SF area - Rancho Gordo, and I always make a bee line straight for his stand to get the yummy delights!

No new discoveries, just the great ol' lovelies of my favorite season!