Monday, August 17, 2009

Mr. Misty

After a extra long week of work, I wanted nothing more than a cleansing, raw meal. This weekend I enjoyed sunchoke tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, and jalepeno with red wine vinegar and olive oil. A fresh, tasty summer relish partners well with a salad or quinoa pilaf. It's also delicious solo.

Eating this reminds me of the sweltering summers spent in south Georgia as a kid (and my mom since that's her dish). Triple digits were common. We would find a pool and swim all day. My brother, sister, & I would beg for a trip to the local DQ for Mr. Misty floats (flavored sugary icees with soft serve on top). Homemade sorbet or ice cream would have been a better option, but three persistent kids could break down anyone.

Flash forward 15 years. To beat the heat lately, I head over to Locopops. Last night I enjoyed a delicious Chocolate Horchata pop. I don't have a photo, because I had to concentrate on eating it all, before it melted...

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Unknown said...

Sounds lovely, either the raw salad or the horchata pops.