Sunday, October 25, 2009


Last night I headed to the kitchen, turned up Bonnie Prince Billy, and rolled up my sleeves. I minced a little onion and a lot of garlic. I sauteed them until the aroma was strong and complex, then I mixed in some kale. I soaked black beans all afternoon, cooked them, drained them and dumped them into the pan with the kale. Two large sweet potatoes were baking in the oven with a few small red beets. I removed the greens and beans from the stove, squeezed half a lime over the top and sprinkled cilantro on top. I filled a bowl with greens, beans, and half of a diced up sweet potato.

A delicious protein-packed, nutrient dense meal for one. The sweetness of the potato couples well with the garlicky flavor of the greens. This colorful meal is rich in carotenes, calcium, potassium, vitamin A, fiber and protein.

I can't wait for leftovers today.


Bob said...

sold! giving this a shot when I get some beans, good seeing you and Josh while I was in town.

Diane @ Balanced Bites said...

Looks delicious and sounds about how I end up throwing together something random and tasty after a long work day!

Diane :)

ps- love your photos!