Sunday, October 18, 2009

Adrienneats Brooklyn

A few photos from my trip last week to NYC:
Heirloom Christmas lima beans and Italian pasta purchased at the lovely Marlow & Daughters.

The Standard hotel. Enjoyed a Pimms cup at the Standard Grill.

A blueberry chocolate cupcake on the Highline & beautiful packaging and tasty chocolate from Mast Brothers.

I did a lot of eating in New York, mostly in Brooklyn.
Here are a few places and some remarkable dishes: I highly recommend the daily special of norimaki (sweet potato, broccoli, tofu) with kimchi and a chai at Angelica's Kitchen. You can't leave the city without the grilled corn at Cafe Habana. Tucked away on Bedford Ave, Wild Ginger is an all vegan asian restaurant that serves a mean Malaysian curry stew. Enjoyed two spicy Blood Marys Saturday evening at the Lodge, followed by a killer Chickpea burger (kind of like a falfel) at Dumont burger. Before leaving on Sunday, we had a leisurely brunch at Diner with a coffee & biscuit from Marlow&Sons.

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Liz Esser said...

mmmmm. Cafe Habana is an old favorite of mine. You hit up a lot of really great spots.