Sunday, November 8, 2009

Portion Control: Nuts

I love munching on nuts when I need a quick energy boost. I keep a small bag of mixed nuts in my purse in case hunger strikes when I'm on the go.

A single serving of nuts or seeds, and other healthy fats, is 2 tablespoons. Keep that in mind as your spoon keeps disappearing into that jar of peanut butter.

Being prepared and bringing your own healthy snacks, eliminates the temptation to reach for a bag of Doritos later. It also lets you control how much you consume. Portion control is difficult in a country that loves to supersize meals, but knowing the accurate serving size can help you from eating too much.

Do you carry snacks with you? If so, do you accurately measure out a single serving?

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Anonymous said...

I made roasted acorn squash seeds last night, and they are so tasty. Perfect for a well-apportioned snack. I usually just "eye-ball" servings. :-)