Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Thanksgiving Down South

I traveled to Athens, GA this year for Thanksgiving. I love Athens. A small college town with a liberal vibe, great restaurants like here and here.

This was a special year. There were more mouths to feed than normal, 22 to be exact. I contributed my first two dishes ever, a butternut chickpea salad and garlicky collards with cider gastrique (Thanks Cri!). And it also happened to be my mom's birthday.

This is my plate filled with fresh corn and green beans from Mrs. Goldman's garden, my mom's infamous dressing, sweet potato souffle, cranberry relish, mashed turnips, and my two side dishes. I didn't include a photo of the dessert table: cold pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, italian creme cake or chocolate torte.

I was thankful to be with my family and to share not only a thanksgiving feast, but moments of laughter and conversation across three days. I really enjoyed each morning as everyone gathered in the kitchen still in pajamas, drinking coffee and eating breakfast–homemade fig preserves slathered over peanut butter bagels.

Only 362 days till next year!


Lisa's Cocina said...

I miss Thanksgiving so much that I'm cooking another soon - and your plate made me REALLY hungry. I have to ask - peanut butter bagels? Were those homemade?

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa! Actually they were just wheat bagels with a smear of peanut butter. Sorry for the confusion :)