Sunday, February 28, 2010

A healthy, delicious kid's lunch

I submitted this meal to Good Magazine's contest, Make a healthy, delicious student lunch.

My lunch is for elementary school kids, kindergarten and up. These kids love to dip things and play with their food. Dips are great, because you can sneak vegetables in without the kids noticing. For example, the cilantro avocado dip contains spinach. I designed a meal that was colorful, vegetarian, easy to eat and make. Each dish contains only a few simple, organic ingredients that together creates a balanced meal.

Edamame quinoa salad with dash of sesame oil and bell pepper
Cilantro avocado dip with carrots
Tahini applesauce dip* with apple slices 
Medjool date for a natural dessert

Imagine if this was the lunch option kids were offered instead of frozen (processed) chicken nuggets and canned peas and carrots.

*Recipes and Remedies for Rejuvenation Cookbook (Bauman, 2005)


our little love nest said...

Incredible lunch for both a kid or an adult!

Kristen said...

This is wonderful, Adrienne! I like how you could make all the elements in larger quanities to store or pack more than one lunch! What else is in the tahini/applesauce dish?

Unknown said...

Tahini, applesauce, cinnamon, lemon peel + raisins. (Mix one part tahini to two parts applesauce.)
That's it. I like to dip apples or eat it like a pudding.

All these recipes are easy to make, pack for lunch, and eat! Oh and they're tasty too.

Kristen - your crackers would be perfect for the avocado dip!

natural selection said...

Hey Adrienne!
That's a nice childrens lunch colorful and delicious and nutritious good on you!

sarah said...

you are rockin gurl, hope you win!!!