Monday, March 29, 2010

Bon voyage

My dear friend, Alex, is moving back to Charleston for a few months. He's traveling to Asia to backpack with our friends, Justin and Katie, for six weeks. Alex and I were in many classes together at the College of Design. After we graduated, four years ago, we have met for coffee to discuss life and adventures.

A few of us got together last night to say our farewells. I knew these cookies would be perfect to send him off. I'll miss you, Alex, but I wish the best in your adventures!

These cookies are also traveling with me six hours south to Athens, Georgia. I took some time off of work, and I'm spending a few days with my aunt and her family. I'm excited to work on school at Jittery Joe's, run in the afternoon, see my cute cousins, and maybe eat here for dinner (See Chef Hugh Acheson's radish tattoo).

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Justin LaRosa said...

Food this healthy might have the reverse effect on Lio.