Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Greens for breakfast

Yes, I said breakfast. Start off your day with spinach, kale or swiss chard instead of that sugary muffin or bagel. Greens are a great source of vitamins C and K, carotenes, fiber, chlorophyll, and magnesium.  Saute greens with onions and garlic, then mix them into an omelette or eat over toast. You could also fill a ramekin with greens, top with an egg, and bake. What's your favorite breakfast?

My breakfast: Curry scrambled eggs, sauteed onions and swiss chard, and yogurt cucumber-tomato salad.

Source: Murray, 2005, 210, 231, 239.


Vanessa Rae said...

I love reading your blog as well as eating eggs benedict as often as I can! Any ideas on making that a healthy choice?!

Unknown said...

Thanks Vanessa!

Skip the meat and add sauteed veggies or a tomato slice. Replace the hollandaise with goat cheese, hummus or an avocado spread. This recipe looks great:

Roxy Te said...

I have spinach just about every morning with 1 egg, 1 veggie sausage link, and half of a whole wheat English muffin. Of course can't forget the cafe au (soy) lait ;) Fantastic.

jenious said...

The other morning, my mama made scrambled eggs with a couple handfuls of spinach tossed in for good measure. You are so right, the greens were such a treat!