Sunday, May 2, 2010

Molly Katzen's inspired meal

A friend gave me Molly Katzen's New Moosewood Cookbook for my birthday. I've been eyeing it for some time. I read through it yesterday, noting the beautiful handwritten recipes and illustrations, and her witty humor. I was inspired by her Indonesian influenced recipe, Gado Gado, so I made a variation of it for dinner last night.

My Gado Gado
Inspired by Molly Katzen
Start with a bed of greens (I used bibb lettuce), layer with rice (I used leftover quinoa), top with your favorite veggies (carrots, scallions, pea shoots, radish, mizuna), and drizzle with peanut dressing.

Peanut dressing
Inspired by Molly Katzen
3 tbsp peanut butter (no sugar)
2 tbsp hot water (your preference)
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp Liquid Bragg Amino Acids
1 lemon wedge
1 garlic clove
1 tbsp raw ginger
1 tsp cayenne pepper

Makes a few servings, save for future use.

Mix the hot water with the peanut butter in a glass jar until the peanut butter is smooth, almost runny. Add the rest of the ingredients, put the lid on, and give it a good shake. This is a great dressing for salads, stirfries, or over a bowl of veggies and rice.


natural selection said...

I purchased the moosewood cookbook in Ithaca new york years back. The old ones are collectible and that was the best vegetarian lasagna I ever had not to be missed!

Adrienne your food looks delicious and refreshing!

jacqui said...

I have the moosewood restaurant classics book, love it!
Did you change your blog header? I like it!

My Owl Barn said...

Indonesian food is awesome. I tried it for the first time last week and loved it! This recipe looks yummy and I love peanut sauce!

Unknown said...

Yes Jacqui I did change the header. Glad you like it :)

I love peanut sauce too, My Owl Barn.

Anonymous said...

My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!


Mike said...

What do you mean no sugar? There is sugar naturally in peanut butter.

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