Monday, July 5, 2010

Holiday weekend

I love three day weekends, especially in the summer. The few extra hours of sunlight does wonders. You have time to work on personal things, cook, catch up with friends, and take bike rides at night. I decided to put things on pause in order for me to really relax. Here are a few things I enjoyed this holiday weekend.

Flowers from the farmer's market.
Cooling off with this chilled tomato, basil & corn soup for lunch.

Snacking on figs with tahini-applesauce dip.

Parting (from the garden) gifts from last night's Fourth of July party.

Hope you had a nice, long weekend!


redmenace said...

All lovely things for a holiday weekend. Love the blog!

jenious said...

I now have a craving for fresh figs. Thanks. :)

Unknown said...

Fresh figs are so delicious! They are one of my new favorite fruits. I discovered them last year. I didn't realize that they grew in NC.