Sunday, July 25, 2010

More tomatoes!

I bet this looks familiar. This photo was taken at my farmer's market last week. Tomatoes are taking over the farmer's market, and I couldn't be more excited.

Tomatoes are such a great summer snack, especially in weather that feels like 112 degrees (yuck!). I eat cherry tomatoes like candy, popping one-by-one into my mouth, or I slice up heirloom tomatoes with nothing more than salt and pepper.

We all know the benefits of eating tomatoes. They contain an amazing cartenoid, known as lycopene, which is an antioxidant with cancer-preventive properties. But when tomatoes are coupled with healthy fats, like olive oil and avocados, lycopene is absorbed into the body even more. So next time you slice up a tomato, drizzle with balsamic and olive oil or eat with avocado slices.

More ideas of what to make with all those tomatoes:
Roasted tomato soup
Green bean & cherry tomato salad
Tomato tapenade
Baked summer tomatoes
DIY tomato paste
Peach & tomato gazpacho
Stuffed tomatoes



Outi said...

Delicious photo!
I am inspired to cook with tomatoes -- I love them as they are (on bread, for example, with a hint of salt and pepper...) but it would be great to learn to use them in different ways.
Thank you for sharing -- an inspirational blog! :-)

Chris Grams said...

wow! i just made a salad tonight with heirloom tomatoes, watermelon, avocados, olive oil, balsamic, and some herbs.. found the recipe on epicurious, but had no idea that the avocado/olive oil/tomato combo was so potent... then i saw this post... thanks for sharing!!!

ali said...

I looooove tomatoes! And I love how I am lucky enough to walk out into my backyard veggie garden and snack to my heart content on cherry tomatoes.
ps. great picture!

Unknown said...

I've really needed a new way to use up my tomatoes.

Roxy Te said...

My lunch today- avocado slices and fresh summer tomatoes from the garden. Nice to know I actually whipped up a delicious and healthy combo!

Megan said...

Fantastic photo!! :)


Unknown said...

Grams - that salad sounds delicious. i've been eating tons of watermelon due to this nasty heat.

Rox - do you have a garden?

thanks for all of your comments! glad everyone's enjoying tomatoes!

Anonymous said...

That's so delicious. I usually make clear tomato soup. Lightly fry the quartered tomatoes and pour in water to boil into soup. Add bird eyes chillies to add spice into it. Add salt and pepper to taste. You can add in angel hair spaghetti or any type of noodles to go with it.