Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Post vacation

The beach was awesome. We found shark's teeth, rode bikes, played bananagrams on the beach, danced, ate homemade ice cream, enjoyed communal meals, and laughed a lot. Transitioning back into the daily routine has been a little hard (after 7 days of laying on a beach). Especially when you come home to a sick cat, homework assignment, and learning the ropes at a new (awesome) job.

I've decided I'm ready for summer to end and fall to begin. These miserably hot and humid days need to give way to cool mornings and brisk evenings. But the one thing I'm still holding onto (and need to freeze for winter) are heirloom tomatoes.

Thick slices with avocado, sprinkled with salt and pepper, have adorned my morning toast lately. They have also found their way into my scrambled eggs, salads, lentil soup, veggie sandwiches, and curries.

What's the one thing about summer you're going to miss?


Jason Hibbets said...

Warm surf :)

Özge S. said...

summer breeze, salty and warm!

Anonymous said...

if i were back home in wisconsin, i'd say al fresco suppers. here in nw florida i'm ready for autumn.



Roxy Te said...

All I eat lately- tomatoes and avocados. My latest is putting them into whole wheat wraps with sprouts and drizzling it all with really delicious olive oil. I'll definitely miss watermelon too!

Unknown said...

Rox that sounds yummy!

fresh365 said...

Sounds like a great vacation! I will also miss the tomatoes- I got 14 lbs from my CSA this week and I am holding on dearly to each one ;)