Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy holiday weekend!

Egg, kale, potato breakfast taco
Need something to read by the beach or lake over the holiday weekend? Pick up this month's Saveur for the feature titled Secrets of Mexican Cooking. And if you haven't heard of Saveur magazine then you're in for a real treat. This magazine is the perfect blend of great stories about the intersection of culture and food. I spent all last Sunday making their pinto beans, Mexican rice and the chipotle enchilada sauce. I even found the perfect Spanish cheese—thanks to the cheese guy at Whole Foods—for our cheese enchiladas. We've been searching for a cheese that tastes similar to what we get at our favorite Mexican restaurants. It's called Mahon. Have you heard of it?
Also I've curated a small list of refreshing recipes for hot weather over at FoodieFresh tomorrow. Be sure to check out how to make this strawberry-basil soda as well as the rest of Kelly's lovely blog. Thanks again Kelly for allowing me to guest blog!

Have a great, long weekend!


Maria said...

Have a lovely weekend! Your strawberry photos make me crave for some, but I'll need to wait until they're properly back in season.

Yatta said...

I am so glad to have found your blog! I have been focusing on using natural products for my skin while knowing it starts from the inside. I look forward to reading and learning. :)

Unknown said...

Maria, hope you've had a lovely weekend as well :)

Kenyatta, welcome! Hope you enjoy :)

Ashley Stuart said...

The strawberry basil soda looks so delish!