Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cinnamon coconut popsicles

One of the best summer treats are popsicles. I have many memories as a kid enjoying those sugary artificial-colored popsicles. You know the ones I'm talking about. Bright blue, red, green, orange and purple. Nowadays I avoid those and enjoy popsicles that use whole food ingredients like fresh fruit and real organic milk, almond or coconut milk. Of course, homemade ice cream is great too, but I don't own an ice cream maker. Plus popsicles take a lot less time to make.

We bought coconut popsicles from Whole Foods a few weeks ago. They were good, but really sweet. I decided to try to make my own version at home. The hardest part about making popsicles for me was finding the molds. I tried a few different stores before finding these buried at Target.

Cinnamon Coconut Popsicles
Serving size: 4 popsicles
1 can of coconut milk, full fat*
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tbsp maple syrup
1/4 c unsweetened shredded coconut or coconut flakes (optional)
Popsicle molds 

Stir all ingredients together in a bowl. Pour into your popsicle molds. Put the tops or sticks into the molds and freeze. Freeze for 6-8 hours or until popsicles are completely frozen. When you're ready to eat them, remove from freezer and run hot water over the bottom of the molds to loosen the pops.
*Full fat coconut milk will make the pops creamier.

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Unknown said...

amazing. I literally was telling my boyfriend a few days ago that we should attempt to make our own coconut bars. I LOVE them and anything coco. The ones you buy from the store are super duper sweet. Thanks for showing me that you CAN in fact make them at home.

Unknown said...

Nicole, you should totally make these! Super easy and less sweet. I tossed in a banana to another batch and omitted the maple syrup. They turned out great as well. Enjoy!!

Colleen said...

These look fantastic. I am going to make some this afternoon.

You have the best ideas!

renata said...

Mmmmm i love this idea, but i just don't like milky popsicles, i prefer water ones... Though i think i *might* like a yogur one... Would it be nice a strawberry-shake popsicle? I wouldn't try until summer, it's really freeezing here and we haven't reached winter yet!! So you do it for me ok? Hahaha... It's quite weird this thing about hemispheres and internet communication, i'm seeing everybody greeting summer and my fingers are so cold! And just don't talk about the fact that we have all northern-imported costumes which don't go with our seasons (like gingerbread, chocolates and turrón in december with 35ºC, or carved pumpkins in the plenty of our spring... nonsense!)

Ok a lot of thinking here! haha.


Maria said...

This sounds so yummy!

E.L.R.I said...

I loooove coconut icecream! I´ll make some soon! The best I´ve tried is in Ecuador, on the coast, more specifically Puerto Bolívar in Machala. They use some raisins in it, and sometimes whole cinnamon. And serve huge pieces of watermelon on the side, eating everything on a pickup with wind in the hair!
Great blog!

Unknown said...

Thanks for all your comments!

Renata - I like water-based too. Maybe I will make the strawberry ones :)

Elri - The raisins sound delicious!

Unknown said...

Colleen, you're too sweet :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I actually jut discovered them when visiting New York, at the High Line - http://www.peoplespops.com/peoples_pops.html. Now it's time to introduce them in Amsterdam, I guess.