Monday, June 27, 2011

Farmers' market goodies

Happy Monday! I wanted to share all the goodies I bought at the farmers' market this past weekend. I love the summer in NC, because the markets are overflowing with amazing produce. Don't those veggies look delicious? In total, I only spent around $30. I think that's a great deal for these delicious local vegetables and goat cheese. What do you think? Did you go to the farmers' market this weekend?

I'm off to water the garden and start the day early. Check in this week to see what I made with these amazing veggies. Have a good one!


Hannah said...

yummmy! There's nothing better than getting local produce from the Farmers markets! I went this weekend, although we didn't need any fresh food I bought some spelt bread and local honey :)
Hannah x

Ashley Stuart said...

Love, love, love farmers' markets'!