Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Favorites with The First Mess

I first found Laura's blog, The First Mess, through this post. I was enamored with Laura's passion for eating seasonally and inspired by her wholesome meals. Her posts are warm, inviting, and I find myself bookmarking her recipes for later like this healthy version of biscuits and gravy and this delicious snack. I absolutely love her post about cupcakes.

So, Laura what's your favorite food?
Image courtesy of The First Mess
Laura: I put it in so many things. Roasted root veggies, sauteed cabbage, my morning cup of tea, salad dressings... Plus it comes from the inside of a tree! So cool.

Thanks Laura! Happy Friday!


Unknown said...

Always love good maple syrup finds. I know real maple syrup are quite spendy, but they are totally worth it. Thanks for sharing!

Cookie and Kate said...

How perfect! Canadian maple syrup for lovely Laura in Canada.

Hannah said...

It really is so versatile! I would have never of thought of adding some to tea, nice tip :) x

Anonymous said...
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Jana said...

the taste is simply heaven, I am in love with it too...some years ago maple syrup cookies were a big addiction of mine:-)happy new week!