Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Favorites with ScandiFoodie

Today we're talking with Maria from ScandiFoodie. Originally from Finland, she now resides in Australia. I love her beautiful healthful recipes, and recent posts about green cleaning and mindful eating. She recently completed a 21-day sugar-free vegan challenge, and has shared the menus for the first, second, and third weeks along with shopping lists.

So Maria, what's your favorite food?
Image courtesy of ScandiFoodie

Maria: My favourite foods (there are so many!!) would have to be almonds. They are such a versatile ingredient, important source of protein and fats for us vegans and also a great ingredient in gluten-free baking!

Thanks for sharing, Maria!

We're headed to NYC today for a long weekend. Excited to catch up with friends, visit museums, and eat good food. Have a great weekend!


Emma Galloway said...

Almonds are one of my favourite foods too, I eat them nearly every day :-)

Jana said...

I love your idea to present favourite food...lovely blog and yummy recipes:-)thanks for all!

Unknown said...

I love almonds too, especially homemade almond butter!

Thanks Jana!

Courtney J said...

Lovely post :)

Have fun in NYC! I just visited NYC for the first time in the fall. What a fantastic place. Cannot wait to go back!

Mike said...

I love almonds too. I love to soak them. They taste way better and are way better for you when you soak them. The best is almond milk.