Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Favorites with La Domestique

Friday Favorites is back! Today we're talking with Jess from La Domestique. I really like the concept behind Jess' blog. She picks a new ingredient every Monday and gives you a bit of background on it.  Tuesday she gives you 10 ways to use the ingredient, and then she shares a recipe too. You can also find her articles over at the Whole Foods Cooking Boulder blog. Follow along with Jess for endless inspiration and check out her list of pantry items for Spring.

Jess, what's your favorite food?
Image courtesy of La Domestique
Jess: Oranges always cheer me up and stimulate my palate with their varied colors and sweet, tart flavor. I enjoy every part–the juice in vinaigrettes and refreshing drinks, the flesh tossed into salads, fragrant zest to flavor cakes, and chocolate-coated candied orange peel as a sweet treat. 

Thanks Jess! We're headed to Asheville to visit family and I couldn't be more excited for a weekend away. Have a great Easter weekend!


erin said...

such a gorgeous shot. this series is filled with so much sweet inspiration. lovely work.

Mike said...

I'm sure Jess also enjoys fresh squeezed orange juice.