Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Favorites with Living Antenna

I met Barbara in the winter of 2005 at our dorm in London when we were both studying abroad. She was studying fashion, I was studying design. We instantly clicked. Fast forward 7 years later, we email regularly and visit each other when we can, even though we live on separate continents (B lives in Amsterdam). Barbara's the most curious person I've ever met, always wanting to learn something new, and up for anything. We share a passion for food and design, and could (and have) talked for hours about it. Her blog, Living Antenna,  is a culmination of current trends in food, design, and sustainability. She was recently nominated for a TWOTY (Trend Watcher of the Year) award for upcoming talent. You might want to pour a cup of coffee, and curl up with Living Antenna, like you would a good book.

Barbara, what's your favorite food?
Barbara: Here's my fave food—actually any grain or couscous, mixed with lots of greens, herbs and some sort of nuts. If I could, I'd eat it everyday. But I guess the most important part of any of those dishes are herbs, I just love to mix dill with basil, use cilantro along parsil, use chervil and chives when I can.. That's why Etti's herb salad by Yotam Ottolenghi is my fave dish to serve to friends. It makes them realize that herbs are not only seasoning when dried and blended in a little jar, but rather the heart of your meal, from which you subsequently pick your veggies, and then either the proteins or carbs to top it off. 

We're off to the beach with friends for the long weekend. There won't be a post on Monday, so check back early next week. Have a great holiday!


Unknown said...

I checked out her blog and love all the different things she talks about... Wide range of interests and there's tons of things to learn about over there. Her blog is making me feel more inspired to try to be versatile.

Living Antenna said...

Thanks, Margarita! The blog's literally a snapshot of what interests and amazes me, and over time I found the posts to be best covered by the three words 'food, design & ecology'. Will continue doing so! Barbara.