Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Favorites with Note to Self

Today I'm talking with Sarah of the blog, Note to Self. Sarah is a graphic designer who's currently pursuing her Master's degree from SCAD. She's also the associate designer of Matchbook Magazine. I just love the Sip/Snack series, her attention to detail, and the overall aesthetic of her work. Make sure to read her local's guide to Savannah—trip 1trip 2trip 3—if you happen to be visiting there anytime soon.

Sarah, what's your favorite food?
Sarah: My favorite food right now is the peach. One of my favorite things about getting to live in Georgia is its signature fruit. They're just coming into season down here, and whether they're plucked straight from the farmer's market, mixed into a cocktail, or grilled and wrapped in prosciutto as a snack, a juicy peach simply can't be beat. 

Thanks Sarah! See you guys on Monday!


Unknown said...

I love peaches too but unfortunately, they won't be in season over here for another two months! Aaah! I can't wait!

Lesley said...

mmmm as a georgia girl myself, peaches are right up there for me too!

Unknown said...

I just picked up my first bunch of peaches this morning!

mel said...

Oh that photo makes me want to take a road trip south!
It'll still be a month or more before they're ripe in Canada.
First visit to your blog - love it so far. I hope you had a great weekend,

kale said...

Mixed into a cocktail... this is how I plan to serve them come Wednesday at a going away party!

Mike said...

I love peaches. I wish I could buy peach juice. I think they have it but it's diluted with sugar. I would mmake peach juice myself. If I knew how.