Saturday, March 21, 2009

I love toast

There I said it. I'm completely in love with toast. I like it with slices of cucumbers in the morning or with a bowl of hot soup in the evening. It's a comfort thing for me. I loved toast with cinnamon sugar or a slice of cheese growing up. 

I received a few locally grown tomatoes in my Papa Spuds box (more on that soon) earlier this week. I sliced one up over a piece of toast with a dash of salt, pepper & basil for breakfast. Simple yet delicious. But not as delicious as NC-bursting-with-flavor-tomatoes of late summer. I cant wait for that day to arrive.

A few other things I like with toast:
Peanut or Almond butter
Hummus & cucumbers
Goat cheese with tomato
Homemade strawberry jam

What do you like with toast?


mrlunch said...

I'm addicted to this wonderful Raw Honey that I get at the Portland Farmer's Market. I spread it on hot toast almost every morning and have it with my coffee. The honey is like sweet, sweet buttery candy that just explodes in your mouth! Good stuff.

A+ said...

mmmmm! i love peanut butter on toast with a big cup of coffee. i miss the honey, butter biscuit from pine state :)

SomethingPlanned said...

I miss the Reggie Deluxe...