Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saturday on Sunset

I spent the afternoon cooking with my friend Amanda on the Chapel Hill/Carrboro line. We share a common passion for food (as well as taste in music). I can cook pretty well, but Amanda can really cook. She's an amazing chef and I learned an exponential amount cooking with her on Saturday.

We wanted to create a meal around local, seasonal produce and goods from the farmer's market. After a cup of coffee and lists of ideas, we narrowed it down.

The dessert was easy. We had way too many strawberries and just the right amount of yogurt, coconut milk and sugar to make a delicious frozen yogurt. Oh and dark chocolate covered strawberries as a garnish, of course.

We knew the sorrel (AC says: tastes like arugula with lemon), pea shoots and herbs would make a lovely salad served alongside some crostini and raw milk cheese.

Next came the potato cakes. A nice stack of sweet and red potatoes, spring onions, and eggs to bind. We were full of skepticism, but they actually turned out great. I think it had something to do with the cilantro vinagriette and green tomato chutney from the farmer's daughter.

The main dish was a veggie galette. A galette is an open-faced rustic pie. The onions, kale, asparagus, and goat cheese were wrapped in tight with an amazing crust. A nice blend of whole wheat and cornmeal, which gave it a delightful texture and taste.

The dinner guests, five of our favorite guys, really enjoyed the meal. And so did we. I can't wait until next time. 

**Sorry I didn't get a photo of the galette or dessert. Maybe the Prosecco snuck up on me or I was too busy eating to notice. 


Anna Wallace said...

did you go to weaver street? it is a really great grocery store/cafe in that area.

Unknown said...

thanks for the post! weaver street is great. but we hit up the carrboro farmer's market for most of the goods instead.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.