Monday, August 17, 2009

Okra, a mucilage.

Okra is an excellent food. As you slice it, you'll notice the ooze. That ooze is terrific for digestion. It's similar to flax as they're both great emoliants.

I grew up on fried okra. My grandmother would make it in the summer for Sunday supper (which was really lunch, but she refers to it as supper). It was delicious. I enjoyed it even when it was burnt. Pickled okra is another way to enjoy it too.

I roasted eggplant, potato, zucchini, okra with garlic, ginger, olive oil & basil for dinner the other night. It turned out better than expected. But it's not the same as cornmeal-dusted, sauteed okra. Mmm.

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Diane @ Balanced Bites said...

I love your photography! What kind of camera do you use? Thanks for the comment on my blog about the kale chips. How funny is this? We're both graphic designers studying holistic nutrition! I love it! There was at least one other designer in my class the other night, as we all met via our introductions...I just started last week. It seems you're into your program a ways already. Congrats! Can't wait to keep inspiring one another!