Saturday, February 20, 2010

Iron tonic

Iron deficiency is the number one deficiency in the world. One in four women are deficient. Inadequate intake, poor absorption, increased loss, and increased need are a few reasons  this deficiency is so common.

How do you know if your iron deficient? A few symptoms are pale skin and nails, brittle hair, fatigue, cracks at corner of mouth, poor concentration, restlessness, canker sores, headaches, impaired physical performance and work ability.

There are two types of iron, heme (animal sources) and non-heme (plant sources). Heme iron is absorbed better than non-heme iron. Heme food sources are clams, beef liver, steak, shrimp, tuna, chicken, and turkey. Non-heme sources are bran flakes, soybeans, tofu, lentils, quinoa, kidney beans, tempeh, prunes, mollaes, spinach (cooked), and dried fruits. Women need at least 15 mg a day (due to loss of blood when menstruating), while men need 10 mg.

Iron Tonic
adapted from Bauman College recipe
Mix equal amounts of dried figs, raisins, dried cranberries, dates to add up to 1 cup.
Put into a 1 qt glass ball jar, fill with honey, and seal the jar.
Put into a boiling water bath. Heat gently for 3 hours.
Let jar sit at room temperature for a week.
Can strain or use as is.
Add a tbsp of iron to your tea or bowl of fruit and yogurt.

Source: Bauman 2009,  NE105 Lecture notes.


natural selection said...

Adrienne eats, this a really informative post and the picture is great looks tasty!
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Vanessa Rae said...

Adrien I just love visiting your blog, so informative, sincere and such pretty photos. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and your recipes!

. said...

oooh thanks for the info, i'm always looking for tasty ways to get iron!

Unknown said...

thanks Vanessa!

ms oaktree - women definitely need more iron than men, so this is a great way to add more in the diet. thanks for stopping by!

Mike said...

You have take into consideration though that some people have too much iron. This is where milk comes in as it's naturally low in iron.