Friday, October 29, 2010

Healthy breakfast ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make sure to eat a balanced breakfast with fat, protein, and carbs.

Quick & healthy ideas:
Yogurt, fruit & granola. I usually eat this for breakfast several times a week. I make a big batch of granola every few weeks with different nuts, seeds, and dried fruit (like pumpkin seeds, flax, walnuts, apricots). I then mix in low fat or full fat plain yogurt. Eating low or full fat plain yogurt contains more vitamins and minerals than the nonfat stuff. Plus it contains less sugar. Add a dash of honey if you need, but fresh fruit adds a natural sweetness. Some mornings I mix in a glass container and enjoy at work if I'm in a rush. Make granola and a big fruit salad ahead of time, so you'll have it ready for breakfast.

Whole wheat toast with avocado and/or cheddar and tomato (my favorite over the summer)
Whole wheat toast with almond/cashew butter and homemade preserves or banana slices
Oatmeal with berries, honey, cinnamon & walnuts
Cottage cheese & fruit
Smoothie! Toss your favorite fruits, yogurt or almond/coconut milk into a blender. Done in minutes. Perfect for hot weather.

Let's be honest eggs don't take long to make. Yes, longer than pouring a bowl of cereal but eggs can be scrambled and eaten atop toast rather quickly.

When you have nothing but time:
Warm & nutty quinoa looks perfect for chilly mornings or after a grueling workout.

Omelette with mushrooms, peppers, onions, garlic, swiss chard
Veggie Frittata
Eggs benedict 
Roasted potatoes, eggs, spinach & onions
Breakfast burrito - whole wheat or corn tortilla with scrambled eggs, pintos, fresh salsa & avocado
Marvelous muffins

What do you eat for breakfast?


Anonymous said...

A great idea to make your own granola! And thanks for all the tips, they are really usefull! <3 Babette

Blandine said...

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I usually have granola/muesli or toasts with homemade jam during the week, and something a bit different at the weekend like eggs, pancakes or muffins. Thanks for giving new ideas!

Anonymous said...

I can't go without breakfast, yet I'm not very creative when it comes to making/eating it! I'd love to try the granola! And I want to start making my own smoothies soon.

Mike said...

I once didn't have breakfast and I felt so awful that I never skipped breakfast again. When you wake up you haven't eaten for 8 hours. You need to eat breakfast or else you won't have a properly functioning metabolism.