Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Move junk food out & whole foods in

Sorry for the sporadic posts, but the last month have been super busy. I've been getting into a rhythm with my (somewhat new) job, trip to San Antonio, weekend trip to visit family, getting engaged(!) and finishing up school. As of yesterday, I am a Bauman College certified holistic nutrition educator! I've been doing the program part time since July 2009 while still working full time. You may remember me mentioning the program here and there. My final presentation was about moving junk foods out, and whole foods into the diet.

Check out some of the slides from my final presentation. Don't worry there will be more regular posts soon!


Roxy Te said...

I love these tips A! I'm going to have to share them over at My Cup of Te!! Congrats on everything :) Such an exciting time for you!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Rox! Yeah it's been a crazy month but in a great way :)

Anonymous said...

Very clean, professional, and (always a good thing) colorful. You've managed to make boring information (to most people) interesting. I know how it goes being an RD -- not always the easiest wanting and getting people to pay attention to important facts. Nice work!



fotógrafa oficial said...

Congratulations on your work! this are super clear & easy to follow tips, yet so important!
I wonder, could you post some ideas on healthy breakfasts?
Love from Buenos Aires, Arg.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind words Heather! Healthy breakfast ideas coming soon!

Carolyn said...

awesome tips! I'm so excited to try some of these out. And congrats on getting engaged! It's such an exciting time; I hope you enjoy it!

I know that for me, personally, frozen foods are so nice because they are so easy. Do you think you could do a post on frozen fruits (smoothies, perhaps?), or other frozen dinners that are easy but also healthy?


Unknown said...

Hi Adrienne, I'm a fellow Bauman student--Love your photos!! I peek at your blog from time to time and love the clean, crisp design.

I'm working on my own website right now for a nutrition/personal chef business. I was wondering, would you mind sharing some tips with me on how you take those delicious food portraits? My problem is really indoor lighting--can't seem to ever get enough natural light to take a decent shot. Outside isn't a problem, but I live in an apartment complex and there isn't a table or anything I can use outside. If you have a minute, I'd really appreciate it! Amy :-)