Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quick & healthy veggie meals

 I cannot believe it's October. September seems like a blur.  But, it finally feels like fall. The AC units are off, and the windows are open. I wore my first pair of tights of the season just Friday. I love this season.

The past few weeks have been busy. I wanted to share what I've been eating when time is limited. I cook extra food on the weekends and at night, so I can have healthy meals during the week. Here are a few tips for making quick and healthy meals.

On Sunday: Cook extra brown rice, bulgur, soba noodles or quinoa. Cut up a head of lettuce or spinach, dry and store in the salad spinner. Soak and cook beans. Roast potatoes, onions, zucchini, squash, and garlic. Make a soup with the sweet potatoes or squash. Mix the roasted veggies and beans with the grains or a salad. Use leftover beans and make a batch of hummus. Make this or that.

The veggie plate: Steamed edamame with lemon, sauteed okra, avocado slices with sea salt, and gingery balsamic beets.
Quinoa with roasted vegetables: I mixed leftover roasted butternut squash and red pepper with quinoa and basil, and enjoyed for lunch the next day.


Sütüme Sarelleme Karışma!!! said...

unbelievable but october! it's this close to new year! here in Turkey we already wore coats! freezing in the morning... Love your recipes! Quick and delish!

tiina { sparkling ink } said...

Yep, fall really sneaked up this year. And so did 2010 - how are there only a few months left? Great links. It's really important to get new ideas for everyday kind of food that's quick but makes you feel good. Happy October! xx

Blandine said...

These look great! Nice ideas for a week lunch.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled unto your blog and I love it! I love your idea of cooking a lot at the same time, when you're in a hurry you can just take some of your prepared food. Other than buying a veggie pizza....
Can't wait to read a new post! Will definitely keep following this lovely blog <3

Anonymous said...

I love this blog, and I check it daily! the only problem is that it updates sporadically and VERY rarely. I wish it could be updated more often! :(