Monday, May 16, 2011

Biscuits? Yes, please!

I awoke to a picture of vegan spelt biscuits Saturday morning from an unlikely sender, my mom. She had just purchased a new cookbook last week, Babycakes, and this was the first recipe she made from it. She explained that the biscuits contained coconut oil instead of butter and eggs.

The reason I was surprised is that this isn't normal behavior. Don't get me wrong my mom is an excellent cook (and an amazing woman), but she isn't vegan nor has she cooked this way before. But she's decided she wants to clean up her diet and make healthier meals for her and my dad (Yay!).

So the photo left me a) wanting biscuits and b) inspired to cook a batch with coconut oil myself. I found this recipe and whipped up a batch. I started the dough Saturday evening and let it sit, covered overnight. I used a mix of organic all purpose flour and spelt flour. Sunday morning I preheated the oven, added the rest of the ingredients and baked the biscuits. The directions say to cook for 10-12 minutes at 450 degrees, but mine were done in 8 minutes. The recipe also says they make 20 small biscuits, but my dough only made 12 small biscuits.
Excellent eaten hot from the oven with a smear of jam or topped with leftover braised swiss chard. Next time I think I'll make them savory with a pinch of rosemary, freshly ground cracked pepper and a smear of goat cheese. Yum.

How do you take your biscuits?


Amanda said...

I love biscuits! I have to try this. I take my biscuits covered in gravy—my favorite southern dish. :)

Maria said...

Yum they look delicious! I don't mind either, savoury or sweet, both are good!

Roxy Te said...

so cute you inspired your mom! love it!

becca said...

I love the babycakes cookbook. and I love that your mother is interested in changing her ways. such a neat attitude!

Shelley said...

Wow, those looks delicious! Added to my list of recipes to make in the near future, thanks for sharing :)