Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dressing up the table

Sorry guys, blogger totally deleted my most recent post! While I try to figure out what happened to it, here's another post I thought you'd like. Hope you've had a great weekend!

I've decided that I need new table linens. Josh brought home our first set of (four) linen napkins from a trip to Paris last year. They're great, but our table seats six and I'd like to have more when we have friends over. Linen napkins are great because they're reusable, they make me feel like an adult, and they dress up the table. Plus they can add color and texture to the room.

Here are a few linens that caught my eye.
Image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4

1. I like the texture of these placemats.
2. Like the simplicity and pop of color these napkins could bring to the table. Maybe mix these with the placemats?
3. Or maybe we could try duo person placemats across the middle of the table.
4. These are still my favorite napkins. I love the ombre! Plus you can make these at home.

I'm kind of itching to print again. Maybe we could print or dye napkins this time around. I'm leaning towards the ombre. What do you think? Where do you get your table linens?


Adrienne said...

Blogger took some of my stuff away and hid it in cyber space! I love the texture and tones of those placemats (1) and think the two person placemats are so unique!!

Roxy Te said...

ombre..def my fave too!