Saturday, July 25, 2009

Food Diary: Day Five

Breakfast (7:30 am): purple grapes & 1/2 a peach. Then I ran to Whole Foods to pick up a few things, and grabbed some oatmeal with maple syrup, cinnamon, cashews and small coffee with soy creamer.
Mood: Trying to get a few errands done this morning, so I can have the rest of the day to work on school stuff. 
Lunch (12 pm): Red leaf lettuce, red cabbage, chickpeas, kalamata & green olives, artichokes with lemon tahini. Enjoyed a Gingerberry Kombucha with lunch.
Mood: Ate lunch at my desk again, but enjoyed a 25 minute walk with my friends Mary Ann & Islam.
Pre-workout snack (6:15 pm): 3 spirulina squares and 20 minute nap.
Exercise (6:30 pm): 25 minutes running, 20 minutes lifting weights.
Post-workout snack (7:30 pm): cashews & walnuts
Dinner (8:30 pm): Roasted broccoli & garlic, tomato slices, carrot&raisin salad, 1/2 sweet potato with ginger, cayenne, curry. 
Mood: Stopping by the gym put me home later, but cooking helped me unwind too. Felt rejuvenated after dinner, so I stayed up and read until 10:30 pm.

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