Saturday, July 25, 2009

Food Diary: Day Six

Breakfast (7 am): grapenuts, soy milk, cinnamon & peach with small iced coffee.
Mood: Really tired today, but got up early so I could finish early today. Took time to write a few things, so I could start the day positive.
Lunch (12:30 pm): Red leaf lettuce, red cabbage, carrot, cucumber, chickpeas, olives with balsamic vinegar & olive oil, 1/2 sweet potato, water. Made a small pot of white/chai tea blend with agave nectar.
Mood: Great, I love coming home for lunch. Also excited to work from home this afternoon.
Snack (4 pm): Banana, walnuts, cashews
Dinner (8 pm): Lilly's tofu salad (spinach with almonds, cherries, fontina, tofu & ginger soy dressing) and a few bites of pesto pizza.
Mood: Ordered a salad from a local restaurant that uses local, organic ingredients with Josh. Really tired from a long week, but was great to catch up with Josh, since he's been out of town.

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